This is Opinionbook! A quick decision-making game about transmitting an opinion better than your opponent.

Use your mouse to pick your strategy as the time runs out, whoever has the most users converted to their opinion at the end wins! What a message!

Each user has a different transmission speed and capacity, some don't even transmit opinions in order to give bonuses to the whole group, choose wisely!

Made in under 48h for #GGJ2018 under the theme Transmission.
Levels are build procedurally every time you play, I was aiming to make a level generator for this game and would very much appreciate feedback on that;

vvvvvvvvvvv Known Issues vvvvvvvvvvv

- Play Again is not working for some unknown reason, must Reload the page!
- "Combat" isn't finished yet, for now you can have fun with the exploits (Like transmitting to a node that's transmitting to yours);


Marcelo Pelli - Game Design, code, "art";
Felipe 'Augustus' Silva - Music

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